Stephanie is a conscientious professional who’s main goal is to serve her clients. She is thorough and has exceptional follow up until her client is 100% taken care of. I would recommend anyone who is in need of her services to contact Stephanie immediately.  
- Anita


 Stephanie provided consultative services to our organization to assist us in our choices of health care insurance benefit plans. In addition to being a content expert, she also conducted employee open enrollment meetings in a very professional and informative manner at all hours of the day to accommodate various operational shifts. Although health care coverage can be confusing, Stephanie was able to assist us every step of the way and was a very valuable asset. I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again!  
- Michelle


 Stephanie has an extensive knowledge of benefit plans. She used that knowledge to answer employee and retiree questions to make the best selection for options of health plans available. She took the initiative to call health plan vendors when necessary to resolve problems quickly and efficiently. On one of my particular caller issues, I consulted with Stephanie; she was very approachable, helpful, and followed up with me to ensure the customer was completely satisfied. She is a team player, has excellent customer service and interpersonal skills, is highly professional, and would make a positive contribution to any organization.  
- Linda


 Stephanie developed an excellent working relationship within our organization and with our clients. She understands the value of a consultee relationship with customers. She continually works to expand her knowledge and expertise in our ever changing health care industry.  
- Laurie


 Stephanie has a passion for what she does and it shows with the outstanding personable service she provides. In all of my dealings with Stephanie, she went above and beyond what was required and exceeded my expectations. She has been a great resource for me in many different areas. If you're looking for someone with integrity, knowledge and reliability Stephanie is that person.  
- Melanie


 Stephanie is a dedicated and resourceful asset to any person and/or company that she is associated with. Stephanie was the main contact for all the company's employee health benefits for the three years that Herbruck represented the company. Stephanie provided guidance and assistance in resolving employees' claims issues and was especially resourceful in the health and wellness area. It was a pleasure working with Stephanie. She was accessible and patient - and I would look forward to any opportunity to work with her again.  
- Janet


 Any task or question I have given to Stephanie has been completed swiftly and answered accurately. She has come up with solutions to any of the business barriers we have come across the past few years. I highly recommend her as your service provider.  
- MayEllen